Secure Your Business

Unsure if you’re compliant with your cybersecurity insurance provider? Need your first evaluation to ensure you’re protecting your customer information against today’s threats? We provide understandable and actionable security reports to help you make the best decisions you can about how to secure your business.

Are you staying up to date with your annual On-Site Security Audits? We make your annual security audit simple, understandable, actionable, and more than anything–easy to handle. Your business has to run, and we’re there to support your mission by giving you your top priorities and following up with ongoing concerns. You’re there to keep the doors open, and we’re there to make sure the wrong people don’t walk through them!

Contact us to learn more about how to defend your organization against today’s web threats.

Defend Your Customers

Red Queen Technologies customizes your information security solutions while listening closely to your concerns. Security isn’t one-size-fits-all, and we know you have a unique business that needs tailored and professional security advice and monitoring. We’ll check your network,  staff, plant, equipment, and more for security holes to give you confidence that your business is secure. We’ll work with you to maximize your security so you can go back to doing what you love.

We’ll provide you with simple checklists for compliance…and then we go further to ensure you’re protected from threats compliance doesn’t cover. We’re here for you during the worst public information security crises and during the quiet times when you want to upgrade your public security stance.  We’re ready.

List Of Services


Concerned about a HIPAA or PCI compliance review? We can rapidly provide you with a top-down fixit list focusing on major areas of noncompliance, and dig deep with you into more obscure areas of compliance. Our certified health care, financial, and insurance specialists are cross-trained in information security. We won’t just give you a checklist; we’ll help provide a holistic view of your compliance future with actionable milestones and achievable short-term goals. We can also review your compliance reports from auditors to provide recommendations for rapid, low-cost solutions that your current team can actually implement.

Network Security

It doesn’t matter if you’re running a plane factory, a nail salon, a restaurant, or a construction crew: if your business has major network security vulnerabilities that can leak private, confidential customer data or credit cards, you’re in some serious trouble. First: do you know whether your network is secure? We can provide a rapid evaluation of your major vulnerabilities and best mitigation practices—often enough for small businesses that do not handle financial information. We can dig deeper with an onsite evaluation of data leaks, common vulnerabilities that only appear when technologies are combined in a complex network, and help you prepare your infrastructure to serve your future needs, securely.

Supply Chain/Logistics/Transportation

We specialize in supply chain security management, logistics, and transportation. If your company handles physical product, and you’ve never done an on-site security audit, we’ll walk you through the process of securing your facility and demonstrating gentle, incremental security improvements that contribute to your bottom line overall, instead of interrupting your business process and halting efficient production. We understand that without your product rolling out the front door, your company can’t survive. You’re probably realizing now that your customers expect security from you and the protection of their data, or your product won’t have customers to buy it after any embarrassing customer data breaches. Let us help you anticipate your future security issues and prepare for them, instead of waking up to an aftermath.

Virtual CISO

Our specialists and senior security management advisors understand that it can often be difficult bringing aboard a full-time CISO in the first years of your business. That doesn’t change your security needs, though. If you’re struggling to justify a need for full-time information security staff to your stakeholders, we can help immediately by providing an overarching security landscape tailored to your business and market segment, performing threat modeling to identify your most likely vectors of attack, and planning achievable security milestones for your FTE developers and external contractors. Railway contractors and landscaping businesses have different security needs with personnel and networks, and you should expect a tailored report and plan for your individual needs with any security consulting. We can help you plan for the future and for integrating our security expertise into your company.

Virtual SOC

Our most popular and budget-conscious service is providing you ongoing notifications of security issues with remediation techniques.  We notify you with a tailored solution for your business immediately, and provide time on call for your IT professionals to contact us for help in mitigating these attacks. On a monthly basis, we provide continuing advice, recommendations, and steps to mitigate common vulnerabilities in plain developer language. Keeping up with a three-point, 1 hour security upgrade checklist each month is the same as developing a habit of walking to work or substituting ten pushups for one soda; over time, you’ll find you’ve dramatically improved your company’s health with very little impact to your uptime or bottom line.